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With an ever growing Customer Base, Solar-Battery-Storage are the most complete and trusted Battery Installers in the market today!

No More Power-Cuts

With Battery Storage Power-Cuts are a Thing of the Past

Save Up To 70%

On Your Energy Bills.

Increase Home Consumption With Battery Storage

Having a battery storage system will increase your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels. Your batteries store power each time your solar panels are generating more electricity than the your home is consuming. The system monitors energy consumption in the property at all times and will use the energy in the most economical way possible.

Battery Storage Reduces Usage From The Grid

The cost of energy is rising year by year so the less you consume from the grid the better, in some cases if your consumption is less than your solar panels generate you could eliminate your electricity bill entirely. Savings from solar panels are increased dramatically when coupled with battery storage systems.

Protect Your Home From Future Power Outages

As we build more homes and the population increases the demand for energy increases, currently the UK are not building new power stations at the same rate that we build new homes. On top of this the out dated power stations that we do have are increasingly prone to break downs and unexpected maintenance issues. The Government plans to introduce smart meters in to our homes so they can increase prices of electricity at peak times, and thus lower the demand on the national grid. As the grid becomes increasingly unstable the option to have a battery storage becomes almost a necessity.

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