Battery Storage Savings & Benefits Explained:

Will Battery Storage Affect My FIT Payments?

The Benefits of solar battery storage become immediately apparent from the day of installation.

No, even though you are using more of the electricity you generate, your Fit payment will remain the same. Your Battery Storage Savings will not affect the payment you receive as the feed in tariff is a payment based on generation, not on what you export to the grid.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Storage?

The cost of battery storage reflects the complexity of storing the energy. The electrical energy is converted to DC (Direct Current) to be stored and then back to AC (Alternating Current) when required. It follows a cycle of charge, store, discharge.

Will Having A Battery Increase My Savings From My Solar Panels?

Yes, Absolutely Battery Storage Savings will increase your returns dramatically. Expect to save 70-100% of your existing electricity bill