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Solar Battery Storage is the most innovative way to make massive savings on your energy bill while giving back to the planet.

In todays modern world it literally pays to be eco-conscious. By having Solar Battery Storagenot only can you save up to 90% on all of your electricity bills, you can potentially take your home off the grid entirely all while generating tax free income for your household.

In the past, Solar PVs only shortcoming was that it only produced energy during daylight and any surplus energy not being used was wasted; but not anymore.

With the advent Solar Battery Storage, energy wastage is a thing of the past. Any surplus energy not being used goes directly to your Solar Battery for use outside of daylight hours for use with all of your homeneeds including use with heat exchange boilers.

And the Tax Free Earnings?

Couldnt be simpler. Once your battery is fully charged and your home needs are catered for, all surplus energy will be sold to the National Grid to be used as clean, renewable energy elsewhere with all the profit going directly to you.

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